Pietro Gori

Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Pietro Gori is FCT post-doc fellow at the Institute for Philosophy of the New University of Lisbon (IFILNOVA). He is member of the “Lisbon Nietzsche Group”, the association “HyperNietzsche”, and the “International Nietzsche Research Group”, and collaborator of the “Internationale Nietzscheforschungsgruppe Stuttgart”. Finally, he is coordinator of the Lisbon Nietzsche-Seminar.

His main fields of academic interest are Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy and its scientific sources, Ernst Mach’s epistemology, and William James’ pragmatism and radical empiricism. On these topics he published three books (“La visione dinamica del mondo. Nietzsche e la filosofia naturale di Boscovich“, Napoli: La Città del Sole 2007; “Il meccanicismo metafisico. Scienza, filosofia e storia in Nietzsche e Mach“, Bologna: Il Mulino 2009; “Il pragmatismo di Nietzsche. Saggi sul pensiero prospettivistico“, Milano: Mimesis 2016), and several articles in peer-reviewed international journals and volumes (among them: “The Usefulness of substances. Knowledge, Science and Metaphysics in Nietzsche and Mach”, Nietzsche-Studien 2009; “Nietzsche on Truth, a Pragmatic view?”, Nietzscheforschung 2013; “Psychology without a Soul, Philosophy without and I. Nietzsche and 19th century Psychophysics (Fechner, Lange, Mach)”, in “Nietzsche and the Problem of Subjectivity”, eds. Constâncio/Branco/Ryan, Berlin: de Gruyter 2015; “Nietzsche’s Late Pragmatic Anthropology”, Journal of Philosophical Research 2015). He also published an extensively commented Italian edition of Nietzsche’s “Twilight of the Idols” (Roma, Carocci 2012, with C. Piazzesi).

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